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  • August 31, 2010 WilliamSicklick
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    not the worst movie ever the best movie eveer

  • August 02, 2010 NomadiiC681
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    Making a live action movie movie for GIJoe that doesn't flat out SUCK is not by any means an easy task. I think it actually was a difficult movie to produce and while i never liked the mummy series and wasn't too crazy about stephen summers i must say he did do a good job. GIJoe as a movie 100% accomplished its goals: it was a ridiculously action packed movie from the very beginning to end(perfect for a crowd of the ages 7-30), suprisingly the plot of the story was very good (maybe a bit underated as well) it wasn't to complicated, kept you hooked the whole time, and it actually followed its gijoe heritage with the concept of there being a new technology and gijoe & cobra fighting for it, which has always been the main story line of gijoe. It also gave you some room to breathe with a little humor here and there. The primary thing bashed by critics was the acting. They got just what they ordered with the acting after getting the young cast they did. The acting was subpar and average at times coming from the joes but i believe that besides storm shadow the acting of the bad guys was GREAT. Joseph Gordan was astonishing as usual, Destro was also awesome, zartan was very good, and sienna miller was good for the most part especially considerig her lack of expierence. I believe the acting wasn't the true problem of this movie. Besides the directing that could of been better, what really was the center of ALL this movies problems was the dialogue. Like jesus ******* crist the dialogue was horrendous. It tries to turn this thrill ride into a sunday morning cartoon. I for one do some what believe that GiJoe has always been cheesy so the cheesiness of the dialogue is some what fitting but there is a limit. The dialogue the actors are forced to use makes them seem like bad actors but if the dialogue was more professional they would be a lot better. Along with that it would also change the vibe of the movie. The corny dialogue used takes away from the suspense of the entire movie. It almost subconsiously makes you believe there is less at stake then there really is. COBRA WAS TRYING TO DESTROY ALL THE METAL IN THE WORLD AND MAKE ZARTAN THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. (THE PERSON WITH THE MOST POWER) AND CREAT A NEW WORLD ORDER. Due to the playful dialogue and ok/good acting you are sitting there eatting your popcorn laughing enjoying this movie rather than fully feeling the tension. The Dark Knight was just one city at stake, this movie is the whole world and yet the tesion is tripled during The Dark Knight. Thats what needs to be corrected for the sequel. Never the less it was a very very entertaining movie i think even more entertaining if your a Joe fan, and not just entertaining like Transformers2 where it felt they wasted like a million $. Gijoe is a fun movie to watch and it does ******** meant to do as a cartoon remake/summer block buster movie and in some ways surpasses it. *and for all the people angry over the "unrealisticness" it takes place in 2019

  • July 13, 2010 thefilmmaker92
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    At one point in the movie, the Joes talk about their next move after the effiel tower has been destroyed. then Randy Quaid says: "I don't know guys, the French are pretty upset." The French are pretty upset?!?!?!?!!?!?!? that's all you have to say? The French are Pretty upset- no, that's not "the french are pretty upset" that's "the French are ******* going to war!" that's how bad it is! That is possibly the worst line since John Travolta said "While u were still learning how to SPELL YOUR NAME, i was being trained TO CONQUER GALAXIES!" in "Battlefield Earth." This whole movie was probably written by 3rd graders playing with their GI Joes, there was a total lack of acting and directing, the effects were stupid and the action was lame. on the whole, one of the worst movies i've ever seen!