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  • May 22, 2008 newyorklover96
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    this movie stunk i cant stress this enought dont waste you money i am an 11 year old, my friend and i went to go see it and we were looking for exucuses to get outi give it 0 stars and btw DONT WASTE YOU TIME AND MONEY enchaned was good!

  • May 22, 2008 uncgmumom
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    I'm not a movie critic. I'm a teacher, a school administrator, and a parent. Most importantly, I've been a child, which I'm not sure the professional movie critics who reviewed this movie EVER remember what it was like to be. Thank you, Mr. Helm, for creating such a wonderful experience, for my family, and countless others to enjoy together. I don't believe this film was created to be experienced through the eyes and senses of an adult, let alone a movie critic. It was meant to be experienced through those of a child, and those of us who can reach back in time and remember what it was like to believe that anything was possible if we just believed hard enough in something and had love and faith in it. So, if you are not willing to open your mind or are prepared to see it, experience it or understand it the way a child would, with all the WONDER and emotion that a child's imagination is capable of creating, then don't go and see it. You will be disappointed. I suggest taking a child, preferably your inner one, but any will do: your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild, neighbor or friend. Better yet, take someone who needs something to believe in this holiday season.

  • May 22, 2008 jerwin123
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    I'm 45 and took the kids. My 10-year-old daughter loved it, and even her 13-year-old brother thought it was great! He wouldn't even go back to the concession stand to get a free drink refill (comes with the large) because he didn't want to miss anything! I've found myself thinking about it since seeing it. I'm pretty sure it's in my top 5 favorites, and I'm a pretty harsh critic. It's the perfect family movie...the perfect date movie...heck, it's just about the perfect movie! Unlike its critics, it's HAPPY!!! GO SEE IT!!