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  • May 22, 2008 movieadmirefan
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    I thought this movie was a bit slow, but it was entertaining, Although Jake Gyllenhaal's performance was weak, he didn't quite make his work in this movie strong, Reese Whitterspoon did good work, but her performance was a bit weak too, was too disappointed that her role was not quite strong, Alan Arkin was entertaining, and Meryl Streep's performance was quite evil, and worth watching. The actor who played Reese's kidnapped husband was quite good, he did a great job. The story was pretty much predictable where it almost lost you, but in the end, you realized what the story was all about. I would not see this movie again because I don't want to be lost again. Rendition is not a movie I would suggest if only you like this kind of movie.

  • May 22, 2008 Carol
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    With all the scenes in another language and no sub titles, how was anyone to understand what the heck was going on???

  • May 22, 2008 johnsbury1
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    As a movie Rendition works, but as a moral indictment against the USA's complex fight against terrorism, it is a failure. Let me address Rendition, the movie, first. The current trend in Hollywood of using concurrent stories towards a conclusion, plus a time-line quirk, adds a bit interest to the story. The entire cast of this movie did a fine job, with special praise for the Arabic actor, Yigal Noar, that plays the police chief. Streep was flawless, as usual, as an amoral, one dimensional, CIA chief who's only concern is to get the job done, even if it means breaking some rules. Metwally is very convincing as the Egyptian American who is wrongly imprisoned and tortured for being a terrorist spy. Gyllenhaal is also very good as a CIA analyst, as he uses minimal dialog and facial expressions to convey his moral turmoil. The movie does get a bit slow in the middle and the end a bit fanciful but it is does not detract from the overall success of Rendition, as a movie. Rendition as a moral indictment, accusation if you will, fails to take into account the type of terrorists the USA and Free World are facing. The movie calls into question America's possible use of surrogates to circumvent our "no torture " claim to the International Community. The movie sympathetically depicts the recruitment and education of young Arabic men as suicide bombers but does not highlight whom they are sent out to slaughter: innocent young children, woman and old men peacefully shopping in some market place or lazily sitting an outdoor coffee shop. If the intent of this movie is to indict the USA for the possible use of "water boarding" or of treating captured insurgents with less than gentle interrogation methods, they are forcing us to balance that against their methods of cutting people's heads off and the random killing of innocents. Rendition as a movie, fin

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