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  • 75
    Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle

    A spiritual successor to "The Pursuit of Happyness," but darker and more oblique. show more

  • 63
    Claudia Puig USA Today

    While it doesn't break any new ground or provide any revelations, Seven Pounds is unabashedly emotional and cautiously hopeful. It's the feel-good movie for these feel-bad times. show more

  • 10
    Joe Morgenstern Wall Street Journal

    Mr. Smith's latest film is about nothing less than life and death, sin and atonement, and it takes the soggy cake for multiple layers of sentimentality topped by indigestible grandiosity. show more

  • 50
    Carrie Rickey Philadelphia Inquirer

    Seven Pounds is one part jigsaw puzzle, one part "The Giving Tree" and both parts marinated in melancholy. show more

  • 40
    Elizabeth Weitzman New York Daily News

    Saintliness is a heavy burden to carry, and Smith can't help but buckle a bit. He's always interesting to watch, but crafting a real person out of his cardboard character proves an impossible task. show more

  • 60
    Kirk Honeycutt The Hollywood Reporter

    The film's Italian director does achieve in his second American outing a pleasing blend of Hollywood professional sheen and European sensitivity to character details and nuances. show more

  • 75
    Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times

    Some people will find it emotionally manipulative. Some people like to be emotionally manipulated. I do, when it's done well. show more

  • 75
    Lawrence Toppman Charlotte Observer

    Gripping but gap-filled Seven Pounds will have half your brain asking "How could this be?" and the other half saying, "Shut up and go along for the ride!" Listen to the latter voice. show more

  • 63
    James Berardinelli ReelViews

    Seven Pounds works better the more the viewer feels and the less he/she thinks. On an emotional level, one could decree that the movie is satisfying. On an intellectual level, it's disappointingly shallow. show more

  • 50
    Rene Rodriguez Miami Herald

    As written, Seven Pounds would have always been a melancholy experience, but a lighter touch would have helped to keep you from noticing the implausibility of its plot. show more

  • January 13, 2010 Jeff
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    I ************ this movie for the very first time. I totally disagree with the critics. While yes, it may depict an overly dramatized way of atoning for one's misgivings & pain, it at the same time portrayed a level selflessness that obviously is far beyond those same critics comprehension. Far fetched? Maybe. Idealistic? Perhaps. But excellent acting is just that & so was both Will Smith's & Rosario Dawson's performances. Instead of even being nominated for an Academy Award, I can see how this movie pales to a psycopathic slaughterer & why that deserved best picture of 2008. NOT !!!! I turned off No Country For Old Men because it seemed like a glorified Natural Born Killers. But then again it is sex & violence that sells in this country. Too bad. Seven Pounds far & away a better film.

  • October 10, 2009 Sharon
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    Okay, so I gave a detailed review and it totally disapeared !! Loved this movie - a real tear-jerker ! Will Smith was fantastic in this, very intense and totally believable.

  • April 05, 2009 TJB Mom2ALL
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    I am wondering why this movie did not win any awards. I think it was wonderful. Now I am against suicide however I feel that every person on this earth needs a wake up call and that is that we should be out there helping those in need. No don't kill yourself to do it but there are many other ways to give of yourself. You need to watch this move all the way through to get that message. You may even need to watch it twice. I did.

  • March 07, 2009 tainscough
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    CAUTION SPOILERS! The first hour may be the most boring hour on film. The closing credits were probably more interesting, but I was long asleep by then. The hospital administrator was an immoral bast*rd that would have been fired (and hopefully prosecuted) in real life. We don't allow "exceptions" for this kind of behavior, because we don't want to encourage it among others. A true friend would have helped his friend get psychological help, not been an accomplice in his gruesome plot. And finally there are myriad less ridiculous ways of ending it all, why did the writer subject us to this particularly stupid one. Wouldn't a gun in the mouth in the hospital parking lot have been more effective, less painful and safer for everyone involved? Stupid premise, boring plot, immoral film.

  • February 20, 2009 Aw122888
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    This movie was not at all predicatable, it was a little confusing in the beginning but as the movie goes on, it all comes together piece by piece and again, it's unpredicatble. I would highly recommend this movie, It has become one of my favorite movies, so go watch it!!

  • January 24, 2009 Satffan80s
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    Good story but the movie was too drawn out. I figured out the whole thing a quarter of the way in. Seems like it took forever to get to the end and when the end came SO predictable.

  • January 19, 2009 StephPxo
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    i was lost in the beginning of the movie but it all came together, i had no idea what this movie was about but it was simply amazing! i recommend this movie! i do wish more people were like Ben though, this movie made me appreciate everything i have!!

  • January 18, 2009 KENIA2CDC
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    Great movie. Well told and put together.

  • January 17, 2009 Huldah123
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    MOST EXCELLENT! If people cared a fraction of what "Ben" did about how their actions affected others- this world would be a better place.

  • January 16, 2009 janice7827
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    I thought it was a very good movie. As most others have said, there were parts that dragged, but overall, I liked it a lot. For the person who said he couldn't have known that the woman's heart was a match for his, of course he did. He researched everything; that's why he chose her. His falling in love with her was just an accident.


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