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  • 88
    Peter Travers Rolling Stone

    No fair giving away the mysteries of The Dark Knight. It's enough to marvel at the way Nolan -- a world-class filmmaker, be it "Memento," "Insomnia" or "The Prestige" -- brings pop escapism whisper-close to enduring art. show more

  • 75
    Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle

    An action blockbuster extravaganza that's sadder than sad and never pretends otherwise. show more

  • 100
    Claudia Puig USA Today

    When was the last time you saw a blockbuster that was impeccably executed and simultaneously thought-provoking, audacious and unnerving while consistently being fun and entertaining? show more

  • 60
    Joe Morgenstern Wall Street Journal

    Christopher Nolan's latest exploration of the Batman mythology steeps its muddled plot in so much murk that the Joker's maniacal nihilism comes to seem like a recurrent grace note. show more

  • 75
    Carrie Rickey Philadelphia Inquirer

    Shakespearean but overlong, The Dark Knight is two hours of heady, involving action that devolves into a mind-numbing 32-minute epilogue. show more

  • 100
    Joe Neumaier New York Daily News

    Twisted, tortured, terrifying - and terrific. show more

  • 100
    Kirk Honeycutt The Hollywood Reporter

    Bale again brilliantly personifies all the deep traumas and misgivings of Batman's alter ego, Bruce Wayne. A bit of Hamlet is in this Batman. show more

  • 95
    Bob Mondello NPR

    The real relationship here is between a Batman in existential crisis and a Joker who'd love to leap with him into the abyss -- tight-a--ed yin and anarchist yang in a fantasy franchise that Nolan has made as riveting for its psychological heft as for the adrenaline rushes it inspires at regular intervals. show more

  • 100
    Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times

    "Batman" isn't a comic book anymore. Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight is a haunted film that leaps beyond its origins and becomes an engrossing tragedy. It creates characters we come to care about. That's because of the performances, because of the direction, because of the writing, and because of the superlative technical quality of the entire production. show more

  • 100
    Michael Phillips Chicago Tribune

    Sensational, grandly sinister and not for the kids, The Dark Knight elevates pulp to a very high level. show more

  • July 09, 2013 ar00000000154929
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    Christopher Nolan + Batman + Joker = NUFF SAID Check out our review of The Dark Knight free on itunes or on our blog page

  • September 14, 2012 ng00000000125422
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    Is humanity worth saving? Are we truly good people or are those smiles we wear every day a denial mechanism we use to cope with a universe that remains apathetic regardless of our needs? If given the opportunity, would we remove our hypocritical cheery war paint and tell the universe to stick it were it belongs? Needless to say, this is a superb Hollywood popcorn circus irresistible to most. Tour-de-force dramatic performances by all, and specially by one. A director delivering visuals as one does at the top of their career. A marriage of cinematography and visual effects so perfect that is sure to outlast any tinsel town relationship. But all of these things have been said already by better wordsmiths than myself. What has remained in my thoughts long ******** multiple viewings was the philosophical exploration of good versus evil. The hypocrisy of human existence. We are raised by our parents and society to be good. Religion certainly tells us so, even if it involves killing others, the goal is ultimately to be \"good.\" Hell, on TV, the bad eventually gets it, and the good guy walks away with the blond. We all have to be good... Or do we? Enter the Joker. The catalyst for an experiment in truth... If given the opportunity, if there was no lock with a key, If you could pull the pin on all those people you smile at every day but wish they were three feet under water, would you? No one needs to know. No one needs to care. You know you only do it because someone else is keeping scores on you. That is the beauty of the Joker. He points out perfectly that Evil is not so much the guy with the guns. True Evil is the guy that allows you to reveal yourself exactly as you are with no one keeping tabs. Then, we\'ll see what we are made of. Let\'s keep things in perspective. This is, as I said earlier, the ultimate Hollywood cupcake. Delicious no matter how you bite it. And, as such, it has to leave a good after taste. The Joker is in fact proven wrong. And the beauty of this, if you pay close attention, is that Batman has very little, if anything, to do with this. His main goal is to stop the Joker from carrying on his mad experiments on the human mind, and so he does as the hero that he is. But the Joker\'s tests are answered face forward by the people themselves. It turns out when you open the doors to the asylum the crazy folks are simply normal... At least in Hollywood. I still wonder, though. If this wasn\'t Hollywood, and the Joker was around to give us that switch on that boat, what would you really do? Who are you without that fake smile you put on every day?

  • August 13, 2012 filmlover1994
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    The Dark Knight Is One Of My Favorite Films Of All Time.

  • August 12, 2012 RON
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    IBe prepqred for a long drawn out epic. The produceres worked hard to present an entertaining and thought provoking movie. The music at times drowned out the voices of the stars. The story line will be difficult to follow for anyone younger than 18 years of age let alone for those over 18. When all is said and done as to whether tiiy will enjoy the movie it is a fifty-fifty toss up. However, visually it is very entertaining.

  • July 23, 2012 patiencegragg
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  • July 22, 2012 mostyle30
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    One on the best thus far!!!!!!! RIP to all the victims in the shooting

  • February 07, 2012 Dry Master
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    The Dark Knight shows what superheros can do in film at the time then all those other boring superhero films. The old [1989] was good and had a tad better Joker, but this was a great action movie with GREAT cast and wonderful director.

  • March 21, 2011 danielbills8800
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    A firsat rate sequel from Director Nolan. this is the best sequel from the franchise so far. Bale and company did great work here. The action sequences work well for a summer fun filled film. Great fun to watch. A first rate script helps this film move along. Fun watching. Top Notch.

  • March 11, 2011 kairp1
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  • December 29, 2010 Weston
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    I Loved It!!!!! I wish I Could watch it every day!!!!!!


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