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  • June 11, 2009 heysessa
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    I ************ “The Girlfriend Experience”, my first venture into “pay for view” on TV. What an interesting film. So permeated with the angst of modern life. Recent history with its references to the recent election and the financial melt down. You know both are taking place somewhere off screen but you, the viewer are caught up in the lives of Christine and her boyfriend, both for hire to decorate the lives of the wealthy needy. Christine has a hard little face that she can soften with her youth, at will. Close ups reveal more that is distasteful, a square jaw, a deep crease in one corner of her mouth, a scar on her nose. Your mind jumps ahead. Where is this life going? What will she look like in five years, ten? Both characters are trying to maximize their earning power. “Work for the night is coming.” To wheel and deal, they have to step out of the chameleon mode and reveal themselves, which is distasteful to the people who are casting them in the image that serves their needs. The whole mood changes as you accompany them on these forays into the domain of another level of exploitation. There is the Gym owner who wants the boyfriend, personal trainer, to give up his individuality and wear the packaging of the Gym. There is the Pimp who wants to take Christine to Dubai. These folks are the real scary ones. You can tell they have seen Christine and her Boyfriend before and used them well before tossing them aside. There is a wealth of thought and comment in this film. Are we really this far of track in modern life? Is this what we have exchanged for the life of a Farmer? Factory worker? Do we live this much in the mom

  • June 10, 2009 Ann Garro
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    If this had been called a documentary, I might have enjoyed it, but as a motion picture, it was a bust. (Not meant as a pun). It was a real snorer and most people around me were watching with their eyes closed. I give this a "no star rating"

  • May 31, 2009 Kadogear
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    Technically beautiful, this movie is full of beautiful but souless people for whom advancing their own agenda seems to be the only point. The time frame is the very recent past, with economic collapse looming; all of the characters seem to be scurrying to gain a foothold. I could have easily sympathized with this if any of them had been less than despicable. The action (or non-action) was agonizing slow. I hadn't expected a movie about sex and money to be so boring. I get the message. I just didn't find it entertaining on any level. I kind of wish we'd gone to see "Drag me to Hell", like my friend wanted to.