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  • January 07, 2011 PetalsofSeven
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    I thought this movie had a lot of heart. I shed some tears at the end.

  • April 10, 2010 DOCRTM
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    The above first review is completely misleading, and as a result , I - (1) almost didn't want to see the movie, and (2) while viewing this movie kept anticipating a different reaction from William Hurt.. His role was not that of a sexual predator and this was not a DARK or sick movie. A little slow at times, but in the end very heart warming.

  • March 15, 2010 ISEEEMALL
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    SPOILER ALERT: This film is well acted, but seems to say, "Hey, society,we're too hard on sexually aggressive, repressed,older male ex-con strangers with anger management issues; they're actually nice, trust-worthy folk. Vulnerable boys and girls, don't be afraid to let them into your hotel rooms, cars, and lives; feel free to act out your adolescent fantasies with them. Plus, male sexual aggression is normal at any age; what a lot of you gals call sexual assault is just hormones and misunderstanding; you're over reacting, give 'em a chance. And, parents, stop worrying about your daughters and ignore that funny feeling you have about that neighbor man; you're probably misjudging him." This is a dangerous message, given the numbers of females (and males to a lesser degree) who are molested by age 18 by older men, 98% of whom are known to them and their families and the rest by strangers.