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  • 88
    Peter Travers Rolling Stone

    One-word reaction: bravo. show more

  • 100
    San Francisco Chronicle

    Crisply funny and fleetly paced, it's in its quiet way one of the saddest things in the theaters all year. show more

  • 100
    Claudia Puig USA Today

    Timeliness can be tricky to pull off convincingly in movies. It's tough to capture an era while it's still happening, yet Up in the Air does so brilliantly, with wit and humanity. show more

  • 90
    Joe Morgenstern Wall Street Journal

    The best of Up in the Air--meaning most of it--is right up there with the fresh and sophisticated comedies of Hollywood's golden age. show more

  • 100
    Carrie Rickey Philadelphia Inquirer

    Ryan may not be admirable, but Clooney makes him relatable. It's his deepest and nakedest performance. show more

  • 80
    Elizabeth Weitzman New York Daily News

    Perhaps it's no surprise that Reitman has come out with a lovely Hollywood romance that floats buoyantly along on a sea of sadness. show more

  • 100
    The Hollywood Reporter

    It's rare for a movie to be at once so biting and so moving. If Ryan's future seems bleak, there's something exhilarating about a movie made with such clear-eyed intelligence. show more

  • 100
    Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times

    Up in the Air takes the trust people once had in their jobs and pulls out the rug. It is a film for this time. show more

  • 100
    Rene Rodriguez Miami Herald

    Up in the Air is also optimistic about the perpetual themes that preoccupy so many movies that endure the test of time: Life is better with company. And everybody needs a co-pilot. show more

  • 100
    Lou Lumenick New York Post

    One of the year's best films and so tapped into the zeitgeist that it's positively scary. show more

  • May 22, 2010 drarthurwells
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    Somewhat entertaining and worth watching. Over-rated by critics.

  • March 20, 2010 maelliott88
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    I thought this was an amazing movie. Anyone who rated it poorly did not understand the concept of the movie. It was not about the economy, and it wasn't supposed to be. It was about the lonely life of Ryan (played by George Clooney) He did an amazing job at his character, lost in a world where everything is supposed to be perfect. Everyone around him told him he had to be married, have kids, live near his family and have the perfect job. Up In The Air did an amazing job of showing how he learned more about himself. It's not a fast paced movie. It's not a romantic comedy. It's a movie about life. If I could give it 10 stars, I would.

  • March 12, 2010 Ccml1
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    I am disappointed that I gave this movie further consideration because the academy and other reviews were so praising. I thought the plot idea seemed weak from the beginning and that is exactly what it turned out to be. Although it is very relevant about the state of the economy that does not make it in any way insightful. To make Clooney's character put a positive spin and be encouraging towards the millions of Americans that his character fired each year is insulting. Following a dream is much easier said than done and to make assumptions that people who are laid off or fired are somehow not passionate and dedicated is quite arrogant. I felt the characters in the movie were shallow and detached from reality and their loved ones. The acting was great but that is not a compliment as I don't think anyone had to reach very deep to 'act' in such a shallow manner. I would not recommend anyone waste their hard earned money on this self indulgent elitist attempt at relating to the working/middle class.

  • February 27, 2010 Cindy
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    Wonderful movie .... thoughtfully creative, yet lonely. Really shows how impersonal this technological age can be, tethered to lap tops, cell phones and PDA's, but at the same time, truly looking for a human connection.

  • February 13, 2010 thinkingperson05
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    My boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Okay, yes, it's not a feel good, laugh till it hurts, romantic comedy or anything like *********** richly layered with heavy hearted emotion and character development through ******* entirity. Beautifully directed, skillfully crafted, and any thinking person would understand the quiet drama in the film.

  • February 06, 2010 zosh4
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    low budget except for clooney

  • February 02, 2010 LunaReflection
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    One of my favorite movies on the year, though I suppose that it is not to everyone's taste - but it could be enjoyed by anybody at any age. There is not fast paced action or fighting in this movie - on the contrary, it is very quiet and mundane; yet the emotions of loneliness and longing bursts out as the characters search for themselves in a world of people who have already found themselves. The reason I love this director's world is because it is so personal - you feel like you are literally there with the characters and see every miniscule change they undergo. And while Natalie and could not be more different, they are the perfect pair to learn from one another and help one another with moving ahead...even if they hardly realize it. Overall, I will have to say that - if you like Juno and Thank You For Smoking, you are likely to enjoy this subtle yet powerful portrayal of human growth.

  • January 31, 2010 Mr. Serene
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    Reading many of the reviews, it just goes to show how brain dead so many Americans are. Films aren't supposed to be a substitute for snorting Cocaine, afer all. The inability to sit through a film where there is actually character development going on and a point to be made is sad commentary, indeed.

  • January 31, 2010 captainkrack420
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    very overrated movie, i dunno what the critics r talking about but no one in this movie deserves academy award nominatio nor does this movie. Do not pay your money to see it in theatres nor DVD just wait til ******** HBO, then anyone who has not seen this movie can watch it for free. GO SEE AVATAR

  • January 25, 2010 Raychala
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    This movie was good and at times a bit flat. If anything, this movie gives you a unique perspective on "the real world" as far as being more sympathetic to so many people getting laid off and to those who have to do the nasty part. Vera Farmiga was great and had a strong presence. Not sure exactly why George Clooney was nominated for best actor by GG Awards as his mundane character did not highlight his wonderful talent in this movie.. . .

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