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  • September 06, 2008 BCleggsRus
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    it was good short though not really worth 5 stars though just 4

  • May 22, 2008 jaysonshivey
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    this was by far one of the worst movies ive ever seen. very predicitble. terribly written. i honestly think that my little sister could have written and shot a better movie. I feel embarrased for anyone who worked on this movie. im cried myself to sleep that night.

  • May 22, 2008 innoutedog
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    To whom it Concerns,I barely got threw 40 min of this movie and after that 40 min I wanted to ask time warner cable for my $3.99 back. Im glad I did not pay to see it at the theater. All I have to say to those retards that made this movie quit copying other thrillers n come up with something new. I've seen a lot of thrillers in my day and the only one that keeps my interest any more is the Saw movies. I hope they keep making more, even after the 5th one comes out. I will def go see Saw 4 on Oct. 26. I challenge Hollywood 2 come up with more originals. I'm sick of seeing comic book, old school thriller copies. I give props for new comedy's, action, and drama movies. WE ARE THE USA LETS COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW.Thank you for your time.Eric