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  • One Piece

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One Piece

Series Summary
Monkey D. Luffy wants to become the King of all pirates. Along his quest he meets: a skilled swordsman named Roronoa Zolo; Nami, a greedy thief who has a knack for navigation; Usopp, a great liar who has an affinity for inventing; Sanji, a warrior cook; Chopper, a sentient deer who is also a skilled physician; and Robin, former member of Baroque Works. The gang sets sail to unknown seas in Grand Line to find the treasure of One Piece.

Air Dates: 2004 - 2004

Genres: Children, Adventure, Animated

Network: FOX

  • Beautiful Sword! Cavendish of the White Horse! Jul 20, 2014

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    Cavendish wins over the female fans during the Block D battle.

  • A Decisive Battle!; Giolla vs. the Straw Hats! Jul 13, 2014

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    Brook's trickery springs the Straw Hats from their artistic prison.

  • The Last and Bloodiest Block!; Block D Battle Begins! Jul 6, 2014

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    The bloodthirsty crowd hurls insults at Rebecca as the battle of Block D begins; Law finds himself on the losing end of his battle with Doflamingo.

  • Feast of the Zombie Song! The Bell of the Night Raid is a Sound of Darkness Jul 1, 2014

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  • Filled with Animals!? Perona's Wonder Garden Jul 1, 2014

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