Did you know Netflix is 3 to 5% of the national rental market? Impressive, I know. However, they are 30% (!) of the indie rental film market. Wow.

Online DVD renter Netflix Inc. Monday will begin offering the first season of cable TV series "Dinner For Five" on DVD to its subscribers as part of a broad effort to provide select audiences with content exclusively for them. The idea, which Netflix has used before with documentary films, aims to satisfy client appetite for a certain genre of movies or TV shows, so they will return to Netflix for more of that particular content instead of switching to a rival."Dinner For Five," airs on the Independent Film Channel, is hosted by "Elf" director Jon Favreau (right) and features actors sitting down to a meal and talking about any topic that comes to their mind, Favreau told Reuters at a recent dinner."We are 3 to 5 percent of the national market share, but we are generating 30 percent of the art-house (or independent film) turn," Sarandos said. "Turn" is an industry word for a rental transaction.

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