Netflix sure is turning out to be a big booster of indie film these days:

Jupiter's Wife, an Emmy Award-winning documentary is now available on DVD through Netflix First(TM). Netflix First(TM) also provides filmmakers with a vehicle for launching their titles into a broader marketplace. Jupiter's Wife, distributed by New Video on their Docurama label, is available exclusively to Netflix members through March and will be released to broader retail on March 30th, 2004. A haunting real-life mystery, Jupiter's Wife begins with a chance encounter in New York's Central Park between documentary filmmaker Michel Negroponte and Maggie, a beguiling homeless woman in her mid-forties. Maggie claims to be the wife of the god Jupiter and the daughter of the late Hollywood actor Robert Ryan. Her conversation is laced with psychic messages, bits of Greek mythology and other seemingly bizarre fictions. Struck by her humor and charisma, Negroponte visits Maggie regularly over the next two years, determined to piece together the riddle of who she really is and how she came to her misfortune.

Docurama is the first DVD label dedicated exclusively to critically acclaimed and award-winning documentaries. Since its launch, Docurama has released a variety of award-winning and highly acclaimed documentary titles including DA Pennebaker's Bob Dylan: Don't Look Back and the Oscar®-nominated films Regret To Inform, Children Underground (also winners at the 1999 and 2001 Sundance Film Festivals, respectively), Paul Taylor: Dancemaker, Genghis Blues, and Sound & Fury. In early 2003, Docurama released the 2002 Oscar® Award Winner for Documentary Feature Murder on a Sunday Morning, as well as the theatrical smash Pornstar: The Legend of Ron Jeremy and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner, Southern Comfort.

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