More local new, this time the Montreal Gazette reports on Sundance selectiong "A Silent Love." Screening Times: Jan 18, 9PM Egyptian; Jan 19  11:30AM Holiday II; Jan 21  6:30PM Tower; Jan 24  9AM Yarrow; Jan 24 3:30PM Trolley. They have by far the best website for a Sundance selection so far. At the site you can view a production log and a selection of trailers—if only all Sundance films took the time to make such sites!

... Nabbing a spot at the fest founded by Robert Redford is a plus for any filmmaker. But it's even more notable for a first-time feature director like Hidalgo, who has only a couple of shorts to his credit and was paying the rent on his Mile End apartment not so long ago teaching English as a second language. "We were elated," Hidalgo said, in a recent interview at the office of production company Atopia in the Cooper Building on St. Laurent Blvd. "I was truly excited. It's beyond what we imagined would be our premiere. I had to go outside and walk around." Clearly one of the elements that opened the door to Sundance was the fact that A Silent Love stars hot Mexican actress Vanessa Bauche, who made a name for herself around the globe with her performance in 21 Grams's director Alejandro González Iñárritu's Oscar-nominated Amores perros.

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