One of my former writers at Silicon Alley Reporter, and friend, Wendy Mitchell over at indieWire reports on the first Sundance deal. Screening Times: Jan 19  11:59PM Egyptian; Jan 20  11:30PM Holiday II; Jan 21  11:30PM Holiday II; Jan 24  11:59PM Tower. UPDATE: I found this old still from the 8-minute short version of "Saw." Scary!

Sundance doesn't start until Thursday, but Sundance dealmaking has already begun. Lions Gate Films has acquired the worldwide distribution rights from Evolution Management for James Wan's horror film "Saw," which will screen in Park City's Midnight section. The company plans a 2004 release.

The film is about a serial killer whose latest potential victims — Cary Elwes and Leigh Whannell — find they are chained to a wall and have no idea how they got there. The film also stars Danny Glover and Monica Potter.

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