Yesterday I was trading emails with Federico Hidalgo, the director of Sundance 2004 selection "A Silent Love", as he was packing up for the festival and he had time for just one question. So, with that we start a new feature here "Just one question…" (if you say that with your best Columbo voice it adds to the effect).

Stranger Than Paradise
What one film, when you were watching it, made you say to yourself "I want to be a filmmaker"—you know what inspired you to get into this?

Federico: I can't remember a lighting bolt moment. Maybe there was one, but when I try to remember, I get flashes of a lot of different great films from a lot of different countries. Anyway, I do remember one film that entranced me and quite a few other people of my generation. It inspired us to want to make funny, smart, engaging films, and also made us feel like maybe we could make such films without a lot of money and infrastructure. This film is "Stranger Than Paradise."

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