More local coverage of Sundance selections. This time we pick up the The Star Ledger (we have a subscription, don't ask) and find a story about "Scrubs" star Zach Braff's Sundance selection "Garden State." Screening Times: Jan 16, 3PM Eccles; Jan 17  2:30PM Library; Jan 18  9:45PM Broadway V; Jan 21  8:30PM Library; Jan 23  11:30PM Library.

TrueZach Braff has come home. Sitting in a Jersey diner, he nurses a cup of coffee, listening to the New York bound trains rattling past overhead. He's back in the South Orange he grew up in, and it feels right. "There's was always a certain energy here, being so close to Manhattan," he says. "There's was the feeling that you could get on that train above us right now and be in the city in half an hour where anything can happen. Where any possible dream you had could — well, maybe not necessarily come true, but at least you had a shot at it coming true."

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