Looks like I wont be able to see Supersize Me until it hits theaters. I heard today from an insider source that the film was bought and there will not be any more screening at Sundance. That is really unfair of whoever bought the film. Sundance shows the film, builds the buzz and then the new owner decides to pay us all back by not showing it any more!

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on this, but I'm really disappointed as I want to review the film for you guys. Luckily I was able to get an interview with the director on video which I'll posting the next couple of days. Here is the Hollywood Reporter review:

Following in the footsteps of Michael Moore's work, "Super Size Me" is one of the new generation of documentaries in which the filmmaker becomes the subject. In this case, director Morgan Spurlock had the bright idea that he would eat three meals a day for 30 days at McDonald's and see what happens. The outcome is not a pretty picture, but thanks to Spurlock's oversized and buoyant personality and some pretty nifty filmmaking, the results are as entertaining as they are sobering.

Spurlock got started on his journey, which took him to 20 cities, after seeing a news story in which two teenage girls were suing McDonald's, blaming fast food for their obesity. The question of personal responsibility vs. corporate responsibility is a central issue in the film, with corporate deceit taking more of beating. If the documentary has a shortcoming, it is its failure to acknowledge that all obesity is not the result of eating junk food.

But a lot of it is in this country, which Spurlock notes is the fattest nation in the world with 100 million overweight people, 60% of whom get no exercise. Spurlock manages to cram in lots of alarming facts and stats with the smart and amusing use of animation and music. For instance, a colorful map of Manhattan sprouts flags indicating each of the 83 McDonald's locations on the 14-mile island. Later, over a split screen of smiley Ronald McDonald commercials, Curtis Mayfield sings the classic "Pusher Man."

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