New York Times has two great pieces of information in their story about Sundance (underlined below):

Gary Gilbert, whose company financed "Garden State," initially said that the movie's production cost was $4 million, but after the film sold, he acknowledged that the figure was closer to $2.5 million. He lied, he said, because "we didn't want distributors to know" what the movie really cost. Fox Searchlight and Miramax announced that they had paid $4 million for the film; others with knowledge of the deal said it was $5 million. These prices were typical of recent years.

Lions Gate, an independent studio, bought "Open Water," a low-budget thriller about a scuba-diving couple accidentally left in shark-filled waters. The film, which cost a reported $200,000, was shot using real sharks, with the actors in the water throwing meat to distract them.

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