One of readers sends in this tip. If the filmmaker wants to send me a screener I'll review the film here.

Subject: Buzz building for "THE LETTER"

A couple of weeks ago I was one of the 500+ New England viewers of the
feature doc "THE LETTER", written and directed by Ziad Hamzeh, about what
the international press called "the Somali invasion of Lewiston, Maine."
The film is absolutely stunning, agreed by all in attendance by the
3-minute standing ovation it received.  The insider's buzz is building
about this film which will be screening at the Pan-African Film & Arts
Festival in LA in February, and had it's premiere at last year's AFI Fest.
Word has it that the director, Ziad, will be featured on NPR's "Here and
Now" in February.  Check out the film's website.  This doc deserves
attention. Related URL:

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