There are a slew of noted docs coming up in the next few months, all of which have positive buzz and all of which I am excited to see. Three of these are Koch Lorber Films' The 5 Obstructions by noted Danish filmmakers Lars von Trier (Dogville, Breaking the Waves, Dancer in the Dark) and Jørgen Leth; Magnolia Pictures' Control Room by Jehane Noujaim, a behind-the-scenes look at Al Jazeera; and John Dullaghan's bio-doc  Bukowski: Born Into This, also from Magnolia. All of these films will be released in New York (and in some cases, L.A.) in late May and roll out into the rest of the country in June.

While The 5 Obstructions is the only one of these films I have seen to date, you can rest assured I will see the other two and full reviews are forthcoming on all three once the release dates approach. von Trier and Leth's film is a fantastic look at the inner workings of two master filmmakers and their relationship to each other and to their craft. In 2000, von Trier challenged Leth to remake his own 1967 film The Perfect Human, a film that deeply influenced the youngerLeth Pic Dane and one he claims to have seen over 20 times. However, von Trier challenged Leth to  remake the film 5 times, each while under a different set of "obstructions," forcing Leth to re-think and re-work his original, instead of simply remaking it. The doc also serves as insight to the workings of the mind of modern master (albeit one whose work makes me profoundly uncomfortable) von Trier. His impish glee in making one of his filmmaking heroes jump through hoops is a perverse thrill for the audience. Keep an eye out for this one!

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