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Still Making Sense of Tribeca? Indie Execs Weigh in on 3rd Tribeca Film Festival (April 30, 2004)

"What are you hearing about Tribeca?" many people in the New York film industry ask, often in hushed tones. It's safe to say that quite a few industry types in the city's independent movie business still don't quite know what to make of the Tribeca Film Festival. The third edition of the Festival kicks off in Lower Manhattan tomorrow (Saturday) with a larger event than last year, spreading out over nine full days of screenings and events aimed, primarily, at drawing customers to the streets of Tribeca. Large, diverse crowds filled festival screenings (and the sidewalks) in the first two years, and even though people in the local film biz are unclear about the goals and direction of the festival. A few in the community were willing to weigh in with their thoughts this week. Eugene Hernandez reports.

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