John and Kathryn

New York City-based entertainment attorney, producer and producer's rep John Sloss hosted his annual "Get Slossed" happy hour at New York's Half King bar and restaurant on April 28th and the joint was jumping!

Jeb, Elma and Jack As per usual, the indie world was out in force, including host Sloss and his lovely wife and Station Agent producer Kathryn Tucker; Micah Green, Matt Litten, Dana O'Keefe and Erin Heindenreich from Sloss' Cinetic Media; producer Ben Barenholtz (Miller's Crossing, Barton Fink); Former UA chief and October co-founder Bingham Ray; Magnolia chief Eamonn Bowles and head of acquisitions Tom Quinn; UA VP Jack Turner and Wellspring's Ryan Wener.

Also enjoying the several beers on offer (What!? No wine?) were Palm Pictures' head of film andColin and Karol indieWIRE publisher Karol Martesko-Fenster, Screen International Ed. in Chief Colin Brown (sorry about Leeds United, mate), Trio's Elma Cremin; Carson Daly's producer Jeb Brody, Koch Lorber Films' Suzanne Fedak; IFC Films' Elizabeth Nastro; Open City Films' Tory Tunnell and countless others.

Pix from the top are: John Sloss and Kathryn Tucker; (left to right) Jeb Brody and Elma Cremin; (left to right) Colin Brown and Karol Martesko-Fenster.

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