Mmmmm, food!

If you haven't yet figured it out, the Tribeca Film Festival is, among many other things, an amazing opportunity to do some serious damage to your liver and kidneys. What with the free beers coming out in the hospitality suite at about 3pm and parties starting at about 6, it's possible to eat and drink, for free, almost all day. Tuesday at Tribeca brought one of the best parties of the year so far in the Kodak/indieWIRE Filmmakers and Industry party held and New York eatery Roy's, located steps from ground zero in lower Manhattan.

Joe and EugBy the time I arrived, the party was in full swing with much of the NYC indie firmament in effect, including the iW staff and Kodak's Anne Hubbel (natch), distribution consultant John Vanco, Oscar-nominated animator Bill Plympton, Newport International Film Festival director Nancy Donahoe, Let's Rock Again director Dick Rude, Slamdance co-founder Paul Rachman, composer Norman Noll, producer Greg Williams, producer Ben Barenholtz and many more that frankly, I can't remember. Don't worry, they'll be in upcoming party pieces!

Norman and WendyThe two things I'll remember most from this party? The coconut shrimp and the absolutely stunning Abigail. Dunno her last name, but she was checking coats early in the evening and ended up chatting with me and others who were busy bathing in her glow. To be honest, several people have emailed me and asked me who the ravishing creature was and all I can say is, Abigail. I was even too stunned to take her picture!

Up next: Wednesday's evening to remember, including Jim Jarmusch, Amos Poe, Bill Murray, Eddie Izzard and a 5am finish!

Pictures, top to bottom: Some Roy's Yummies, (L to R) iW Ed. in Chief Eugene Hernandez and Wellspring's Joe Revitte, Composer Norman Knoll and iW managing editor Wendy Mitchell.

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