On September 6th, Sundance Channel plans to air Robert Greenwald's documentary, Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War. The film presents interviews with over 20 CIA, Pentagon and foreign service experts and has been called by Screen International a "damning essay on the Bush Administration [that] is no less enriching or important as Michael Moore's Competition entry Fahrenheit 9/11." In a move rarely if ever done, this year's Cannes Film Market wrote a piece promoting the film in its catalog, saying in part "The result is flawless, making Uncovered: The War in Iraq a work of public interest to be distributed in emergency." The film's official website contains  quotes from such notable figures as Senator Ted Kennedy, Air America achor Al Franken, filmmaker Errol Morris, actor/activist Martin Sheen and Nation editor Katrina van den Heuvel as well as clips from the film.

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