The MPAA has upheld its earlier decision to give Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 an 'R' rating. Not that this surprises me. That said, I have not seen the film so I will reserve my more…ummm…outspoken response for this weekend, after I've seen it.

In a prepared statement, Moore had this to say about the decision:

"Teenagers should be able to see this film and see it on their own. Older teenagers are being sent to Iraq, some never to return. To say that teenagers shouldn't see this movie means that the truth should be kept from them. I encourage all teenagers to come see my movie, by any means necessary. If you need me to sneak you in, let me know."

Lions Gate Films Releasing president Tom Ortenberg added, "We are beating back the effort of a small minded few to suppress the film and feel that now is the time for less censorship, not more.  The film will open in all 50 states on Friday, and the 'R' rating will not deter the tremendous anticipation and enthusiasm that we see building for Fahrenheit 9/11 as more and more people learn about it."

On a personal note…go see this movie!!!

More news at it develops!

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