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Actor Zach Braff (Scrubs) is not only a talented comedic actor and one of the stars of that often hysterically funny NBC sitcom, he is also a writer/director who is rapidly becoming a rather potent triple threat. With his recently released and well-reviewed Garden State topping the indieWIRE:Bot during its first weekend of release with a per-screen average of more than $22,000 and two more films in development, according to the IMDB, you'd think he's be too tired to brush his teeth. Wrong! Freshly returned from hiatus to the busy set of Scrubs, Braff is hard at work on a blog detailing his experiences with the making of and (mostly) promoting the release of his film. You know what? Funny. I shit you not. Like, giggle-out-loud-and-quickly-look-around-to-make-sure-you're-not-being-watched-only-to-see-

Braff, known as ZB on the blog claims to read all the comments and even answers many of the most common questions posed. His blog is exactly what a personal blog by a celebrity should be. A nice mix of:

Brief insights into his movie-making process:

I just read through all the posts. I'm glad so many of you have responded to the teaser and the trailer. We cut the teaser in my livingroom just for fun when we were editing the movie. We really made it just to inspire ourselves.

Self-deprecating humor:

We've been informed it's 22 degrees celsius in Toronto. Not to be a dumb American or anything, but by the conversion I remember from high school, that means it's 165 degrees farenheit. Wish I'd packed shorts.

Signs he's not taking celebrity too seriously:

I'm in San Fran and just got upgraded to the penthouse suite. Its completely ridiculous. There's a grand piano and two bathrooms. I'm trying to use all the ammenities so I've been alternating between both cans and playing chopsticks on the piano.

And little personal snippits:

I'm in nyc tonight with a phat buzz lying on my hotel bed at 2:00am. Today was a day off and I spent it playing backgammon and drinking bloody mary's with my best buds in new york….I'm having so much fun meeting all the people in these cities. But I do miss my dog. Wish he could have come along on the road trip…. All right, I gotta eat some Tumms and pass out. Keep replying. I promise I read them all.

Seriously, even though I had already planned on seeing the film, this blog made me want to see it even more. Everyone should check it out and don't worry, there are no spoilers, because ZB hates them, to wit:

I really don't want anyone who hasn't seen the film to have pieces of it given away. And we all know that writing SPOILERS, DO NOT READ is the equivalent of writing, PLEASE DON'T LOOK AT THE GLORIOUS YELLOW EAGLE NESTING IN MY HAIR. Ya just gotta look. So thank you.

See what I mean about funny? Oh, and there's pix of Nathalie Portman, too.

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