Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban's Magnolia Pictures has acquired Voices of Iraq, a documentary directed by over 2,000 Iraqis and the company released it this past Friday on 11 screens across the country. To make the film, producers of the film distributed 150 digital camera throughout Iraq and received more than 450 hours of footage from such diverse walks of life as teachers, doctors, children and yes, even insurgents.

In a prepared statement, Cuban proclaimed "This is the one movie everyone should see before they vote….The power of this movie comes from the unfiltered view that only the Iraqis themselves can provide. If the war in Iraq is an issue that impacts your vote, you have to see this movie first."

Beginning during the Falluja uprising in April 2004, former MTV producers Eric Manes and Martin Kunert, along with actor and Gulf War veteran Archie Drury distributed the cameras across the country, including the Kurdish regions in the northern part of Iraq and the marshlands in the south. The shooting continued until September.

For more information about the film, including clips and information on where it is screening, click on the "Read" link below this post.

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