A £70,000 ($135,000) fund has been introduced by the UK Film Council designed to support UK films at major international film festivals and markets, thereby raising the profile of the film and increasing their chance at international distribution. Called International Festival Sales Support (IFFS), the program is open until March 31, 2005. All eligible applications will receive a minimum of £1,500 until the fund is spent.

The following areas of production are eligible for the receipt of funds:

The production of subtitled prints, travel and accommodation costs for the director and key stars, press campaign (including appointment of an international public relations agency) and marketing items such as advertising and print items.

Except for applications relating to the Sundance Film Festival, which will be handled by the UK Film Council US in Los Angeles, the fund will be administered by the UK Film Council's International Department.

Application forms along with the rules and guidelines are available on the UK Film Council site.

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