Who the hell is Karina Longworth?

Vital stats: Single white female, age 24 (calm down, boys).

Location: A tiny Manhattan apartment, with paper-thin walls lined with snotty-ass books.

Likes: Down comforters and warm croissants

Dislikes: Dogs, cats … pretty much anything with dander.

And, I'm the latest serf to bring you hot bloggery here at indiefilm.weblogsinc.com.

"Indie" is a term that grows more nebulous every day. I mean, what the hell, right? Ten years after Disney-owned Miramax hit its Pulp Fiction peak, nearly every major studio coddles an indie division. Despite the rare breakout success of self-financed micropics like Tarnation, somewhat uneasy marriages between corporations and auteurs now dominate the so-called indie market. Some have argued that the word itself has become a referent for a new genre - a series of aesthetics, a convenient marketing tag to add prestige to otherwise middling fare. And yet, what can we call a "little major" production like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, if not the work of an independent vision?

This is fertile ground, and I am excited to be on board to help steer through it.

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