The two most successful - and controversial - independent films of last year were awarded People's Choice Awards Sunday evening, in a ceremony broadcast on CBS.

Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore's incendiary look at the Bush Administration, took home the award for Favorite Film, the People's top honor. Mel Gibson also won big; his pageant of gore The Passion of the Christ was Chosen as Favorite Film Drama.

The People's Choice Awards are the only major entertainment awards voted on by fans. For the first time this year, voters cast their ballots on the Internet rather than via Gallop poll, a process that critics claim may have swayed the results towards films with smaller, more passionate fan bases who are more likely to vote multiple times.

In his acceptance speech, Moore dedicated his win to the US troops in Iraq, and said he would "take this as an invitation to make more Fahrenheit 9/11s." As Christ was only crucified once, Gibson could hardly make the same claim, but he did thank "the red states, blue states, the catatonic states - anyone who voted" for his victory.

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