One of the films jilted by AMPAS recent decision to eliminate the Oscar for Best Original Musical, the Miramax-distributed French film Les Choristes opens in select cities today. Something like a 12-1.jpgcross between Chocolat and School of Rock and every feel-good-misfit flick of all time, Les Choristes (or, "The Chorus") tells the story of Clement, the new chorusmaster at a school for boys, who teaches the boys a little something about music whilst learning a little something about himself. But lest we get the impression that Les Choristes is nothing but a capella dreams and mezzo-soprano wishes - according to the New York Times, the film is rated PG-13 for "discreet suggestions of sexual abuse, one scene of harsh corporal punishment and another featuring some bloody violence." Yikes.

Also in theaters today: Appleseed, an anime about robots; the talking-zebra debacle Racing Stripes; Jennifer Garner's abdominal fury is back in Elektra; and, last and quite possibly least, Coach Carter, which makes for two inspirational-schoolhouse-dramas in the same sad week.

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