The Golden Globe Awards, hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, is the booziest Hollywood circle-jerk in an ever-expanding parade of boozy Hollywood circle-jerks. With awards presented in about a million categories, spanning the worlds of both film and TV, it's a looooooong night, and attendees can order drinks directly from their seats. It's this climate that produced Bono's infamous f-bomb a few years back. I say, if Michael Powell is going to punish us all for the foibles of the drunk and famous, then it's our responsibility as engaged spectators to make a valiant attempt to match the stars, beverage by beverage, from home.

So, in the Beating Me To The Punch department, Cinecultist has mapped out the intricacies of a drinking game that we can play whilst watching tomorrow night's live broadcast. My favorite move:

If the Phantom of the Opera wins anything at all, or if they by-pass Don Cheadle or Hotel Rwanda, get up and turn the whole thing off, then curl up in bed with the bottle.

Since I'll be blogging the awards for you guys, I think someone should take it opon themselves to watch and blog my favorite television program for me.

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