9:05 pm:
Naomi Watts, introduced as "the star of The Ring 2", introduces the Best Picture clip of Eternal Sunshine, which is my personal pick for Best Film of last year, but which hasn't got a chance tonight.

9:06 pm:
3 out of 5 Desperate Housewives on stage to present Best Actor in a TV Miniseries are wearing too mush self-tanner.

9:08 pm:
Felicity Huffman drunkenly spaces out, misses her cue to announce the name of her husband, William H. Macy, a nominee - blames it on "schmoozing with Diane Sawyer." Yeah, right.

9:10 pm:
The award goes to Geoffrey Rush, for playing the title role in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers. Thanks his hairdresser and his "life coach" for helping him with his "difficult vowel movements." Wow. He's sweating Veuve right now.

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