9:56 pm:

Prince introduces Ray Best Picture clip, gets a small standing ovation. When, exactly, did everyone change their mind about Prince? Don't you remeber Diamond and Pearl?

9:58 pm:

Ron Howard introduces the award for Best Director. Man, he is NOT aging well. Maybe he should get some tips from Angelica Huston

9:59 pm:
Clint Eastwood beats Martin Scorcese for the award, Quentin Tarantino claps smugly. Another standing ovation, although this one seems a bit more sincere. Clint thanks "the Hollywood Foreign Press, for all they do - especially that tsunami thing, that was great" (he presumably means last night's telethon).

10:01 pm:
Diane Keaton hasn't bought a new outfit since 1979. She is here to introduce the nominees for Best Actor in a Comedy. The crowd clearly wants Jamie Foxx to win …

10:03 pm:
...and, of course, he does. Cut to Usher, pumping fist in air; cut to Paul Giamatti, applauding graciously. Everybody seems genuinely happy for Jamie Foxx, who does a little call-and-response thing with the crowd, then fires out the following bon mots:

"I am having the ride of my life right now, it is so great … I wish I could take what I'm feeling right now and put in the water and everyone could feel it."
Asks Taylor Hackford - "a beautiful white man, taking a chance on a black film" - to take a bow, calls him "my best director."
Tells his managers to stick their chests out because "you're black and you're proud, and there's nothing wrong with that."
Tells anecdote about how one of his staff tolf him not to "screw it up" in Miami on New Years Eve, "And I was one drink away from screwing it up, and I didn't … but I guarantee you tonight, there's gonna be an after party, and Puffy's hosting, and Prince is performing, and it's going to be OFF THE HOOK!!!"
So now, he has the crowd right he wants them, and so then he slows down to thank his dead grandmother. "I didn't believe" - choking back tears -  I didn't believe it, when people used to say, that people were looking down on them, but now" - camera pulled in tight for the close-up - "now I do."

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a STAR.

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