8:35 pm:
Meryl Streep on stage to present: "Congratulations … Natalie." Long pause for laughter. Natalie Portman drunkenly giggles.

8:40 pm:
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers wins Best Made for TV Film.

8:41 pm:
Best Actor, TV Comedy. I'm far too attracted to Jason Bateman.

8:42 pm:
Jason Bateman wins for Arrested Development! Which is on right now, and I'm missing it. Anyway. He has a notecard, from which he reads the names of his co-stars, and calls its writers "comic scientists".  He also thanks the "future fans" of the show - ie: begs you to watch. And you should. In fact, go watch right now - after all, I'm watching the Awards so you don't have to. Here, adapt your drinking game: take a shot every time Portia DiRossi's character neglects her child. It'll do you right.

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