10:53 pm:
Sly Stallone introduces the Million Dollar Baby clip, and he's just as bad at that as you could imagine he would be.

10:54 pm:
Goldie Hawn presents Best Comedy to Sideways. The director (Alexander Payne) and whole cast joins producer Michael London on stage. The crowd seems confused as to when they should applaud - maybe they don't recognize any of the indie-exec names being named? Or maybe they just care as little about Sideways as I do.

10:57 pm:
Nicole Kidman has what looks like a cross between a peacock and a squirrel on her shoulder, and she's here to give out the award for Best Drama…

10:58 pm:
...to The Aviator, despite much louder audience cheers for Hotel Rwanda.

10:59 pm:
Marty Scorcese is 3 feet tall.

11:01 pm:
 I need a nap.

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