10:40 pm:
Thankfully, they're rushing through things right now, and so will I. Desperate Houswives wins Best TV Comedy Series, which isn't a surprise, although of course I was rooting for my afore-mentioned favorite show. Mark Cherry, the creator of the show, accepts the award with a cute story about his struggle to get the show on the air, involving his mom and an embezzling agent.

10:43 pm:
Kate Hudson introduces the Sideways clip - why are they still showing clips? It's 10 43! Eh. Are they going to play that Blind Melon song all awards season long?

10:45 pm:
Dustin Hoffman gets up to pass out Best Actress to Hilary Swank, who looks like a girl version of Matt Damon. She says she "prayed not to ruin" the Million Dollar Baby screenplay.

10:47 pm:
Swankie calls Morgan Freeman "the definition of grace". He is wearing a cute little earring. She tells Clint Eastwood that his "talents are without limits" in a voice that makes it sound like his ego is not the only thing that she has experience stroking. Then she pretends to forget to thank her husband, Chad Lowe, but it turns out she's "just kidding!". Ha-ha.

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