8:12 pm:

Angelica Huston wins Best Supporting Actress for a TV movie. She looks far younger than she did in The Life Aquatic. Hmmm… William Shatner wins Best Supporting TV Actor for his work on the Practice spin-off, Boston Legal. He looks at his trophy with disbelief, holds it up and says, "William Shatner." Cut to the Desperate Housewives cast, in drunken hysterics.

8:19 pm:
Karina can't decide if she wants to order the Penne a la Vodka or the Rigatoni Pugliesi.

8:20 pm:
Diane Lane introduces the Best Picture clip of Kinsey. Cut to Liam Neeson in audience, with unidentified blonde, staring vaguely at the bottle of champers sitting in front of him. End of clip; Neeson claps glumly.

8:21 pm:
Jim Carrey makes a joke about the Weinstein brothers being Italian, because they eat a lot of pasta. Rimshot! Then he introduces the president of HFPA, who introduces Bill Clinton on video. He is wearing the same electric-blue power-tie he wore to the DNC, and he looks G-O-O-D. He thanks the celebrities for "doing [their] part" to save tsunami lives.

8:24 pm:

Best TV Actress, Drama … goes to Mariska Hargitay (aka Jayne Mansfield's daughter) for my favorite show about attractive people solving sex crimes, Law and Order: SVU. She points out her father, Mickey Hargitay, in the audience, and her I-love-yous devolve into tears. Awww. I love second-generation Hollywood. Speaking of, they then introduce this year's Miss Golden Globe, the 2nd generation Hollywood brat who ferries trophies from one side of the stage to another. It's Clint Eastwood's kid, Catherine.

8:28 pm:
Some guy wins for Deadwood, makes the night's first plea for "peace in 2005."

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