I am out of red wine and I switch to *GASP!* pinot grigio. May god curse New York State's blue laws!

Nip/Tuck won best drama on TV. I have heard great things about the show and it's great that basic cable shows like this and Monk are getting noticed, but no win for Deadwood!!?? Horseshit! The cast has to walk from what seems like Siberia to the stage while the band plays an award show take on the Grateful Dead's "Drums/Space."

Chex mix and warm Kool-Aid? WTF did that mean?

I love Annette Bening and I love that she's married to Warren Beatty. He's a true filmmaker and lover of film. indie and non-. Bening thanks Tom Bernard and Michael Barker, co-presidents of Sony Pictures Classics, two indie distributors that keep our world running.

Why is Johnny Depp sitting at Quentin Tarantino's table?

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