Mick Jagger & Dave Stewart win the award for best song from a motion picture for "Old Habits Die Hard" from Alfie. Never heard it, didn't see it. Gotta love Mick's suit, though!

Mike drops in a couple of zingers, thanking "everyone who's working at Paramount and everyone who was working at Paramount" in a reference to Sherry Lansing, who recently departed the studio after 12 years and then makes a droll reference to the fact that he and Stewart have so many kids he doesn't have time to mention all their names.

I get a shiver when Usher and Lisa Marie Presley walk out to present the music awards. Yikes! She looks miserable.

Teri Hatcher wins for Desperate Housewives. She is really sexy and I am in love with her but  whoever did her makeup should be drawn and quartered. She mentions the "almost all" over-40 cast "except for the cute young one who eats a lot" (Eva Longoria). While it's disgusting that we feel like we have to call special attention to a show with four women over forty years-old in the leading roles, it is great to see women "that age" playing sexy roles and for the show to be a success.

The wonderful, talented and always gracious Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor just won for Sideways. I think Jim looks just fine in a tux with a neck tie but Alex, in a classic tux… well, you just can't go wrong there, can you?

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