Indie blow-hard (ha-ha) Vincent Gallo claims that Spiderman ingenue Kirsten Dunst skipped out of a small role in his film The Brown Bunny the day before she was scheduled to shoot. According to the New York Post, Dunst approaced Gallo at an Oscar party to compliment him on his first film, Buffalo 66. By the end of the conversation, she had agreed to play a small role in his next film. The actress was all set to fly to New Hampshire to film her scene (I'm assuming she was originally cast as The Girl in the Convienience Store, which would have been awesome) when her representatives told her to stay home - apparently, Gallo's "guerilla-style shoot was not abiding by Screen Actors Guild giudelines". Whatever that means. Gallo says that if Dunst "wants to do lame, stupid movies, it's great. I respect her … I was very angry for a really long time, but at this point I just think she's a talented, pretty person and I only wish good things for her."

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