billbob.jpgOrdinarily, the plan is to post brief reviews of the indie and indie-relevant DVD releases every week. But, for whatever reason, this week there really *aren't* any indie or indie-relevant films being released on DVD. This week's biggest release is the Billy Bob Thornton high school football saga Friday Night Lights, based on the best-selling non-fictional account, by H.G. Bissinger, of a Texas town's religious worship of those 17-year-old boys who wear puffy outfits and fall down on one another. And who can blame them?

Also new in stores:

The Forgotten
, a psych-thriller no one remembers, starring Julianne Moore. In her New York Times review, Manohla Dargis called it "a pseudo-spiritual, mumbo-jumbo, science-fiction inflected mess." No, thanks.

Cellular, a B-thriller that dares to ask the question: what if the dependability of your cell phone service was the only thing keeping you alive? Poor, poor Kim Basinger clearly has one or two bills to pay.

The Cookout: Queen Latifah and Danny Glover propegate Black stereotypes, pick up paycheck.

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