According to the Hollywood Reporter, Greg Laemmle, third-generation president of Laemmle Theaters, and Steven Zeller, head of GS Entertainment MarketingGroup, are teaming up to form a "virtual" indie distribution company: Laemmle/Zeller Films. In a statement released
yesterday, Laemmle and Zeller explained that the new outfit will involve "no corporate offices, no direct personnel and above all, no overhead" - the two pre-existing companies will simply take advantage of their pre-established resources to distribute and market selectively hand-picked films that might otherwise fall through the proverbial cracks. The gang at Laemmle will take on distribution duties - booking theaters, shipping prints, etc - and GS will handle all marketing and publicity. "By not taking on any additional overhead, we have no need to take films unless we feel they are really good," Laemmle said.

Their first "really good" pick? Up For Grabs, a doc about two fans scrambling over rights to a record-smashing Barry Bonds homerun ball, directed by Mike Wranovics.

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