trier.jpgCan't wait to see who makes the shortlist for the Best Foreign Film Oscar? Then head down to Scandinavia House tonight, tomorrow, and/or Friday to see the pictures submitted for consideration by Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweeden. Tonight at 6:30, catch the Finnish entry, Aleksi Salmenpera's Producing Adults. The undeniable highlight of the series screens Thursday at 6:30 pm: in The Five Obstructions,(WIN review here) Dogme 95-spawning troublemaker Lars Von Trier forces his mentor, Danish filmmaker Jorgan Leth, to remake one of his own early films five times, based on five sets of increasingly impossible and illogical rules. Friday brings a double feature: Cold Light, an Icelandic-Norwegian co-production directed by Hilmar Oddson, screens at 6:30, followed by Kay Pollak's As It Is In Heaven (Sweeden) at 8:30.

Scandinavia House is located at 58 Park Avenue in New York City. For more information, please visit

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