American New Wave Icon Dennis Hopper is at the center of a bizarre trio of statements today, in regards to his no-show at this week's Innagural festivities in Washington, D.C. Hopper is well-known as the gonzo 60s persona behind Easy Rider; less known is that he is also an ardent George W. Bush supporter and Republican party contributor. As such, he was invited to attend the "official presidential party" as a guest of honor.

However, Hopper is also the narrator of Inside Deep Throat, the 70s porn documentary which premieres at Sundance this week, produced by World of Wonder and directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, both of Party Monster infamy. According to World of Wonder's daily blog, The WOW Report, Hopper "abruptly pulled out of attending the Sundance premiere of [Inside Deep Throat] because he, um, FORGOT that he had to go to the Inaugural Ball in Washington."

But two East Coast publications contend today that Hopper was actually "uninvited" from all Inaugural ceremonies. The Washington Post quotes a statement from Hopper himself: "We were dismayed this week when my invitation to participate in the 'Celebration of Freedom' event … was withdrawn by the Republican National Committee." The actor was apparently "scheduled to introduce an unspecified 'hero'" as well as "chair a Hollywood-style Gala for the nonprofit Creative Coalition." That group's director says she is "totally mystified" over the decision.

Meanwhile, this morning's New York Post cites two conflicting sources. The first source confirms that Hopper was "uninvited" due to complaints from religious groups over the actor's hippie history; the second, a "close pal", insists that Hopper cancelled the appearance of his own volition, because "he is right in the middle of a huge movie deal."

So, in short - what the hell is going on here? Get your spin in check, Dennis!

Maybe he just couldn't decide - it's hard to say which event would be a bigger deal to miss. Inside Deep Throat, co-produced by Brian Grazer and featuring interviews with legendary porn star Marilyn Chambers, Oscar winning producer Tony Bill, and original COSMO-girl Helen Gurley Brown (among many others), is one of the more anticipated documentaries to be shown at this year's Festival. It already has distribution (from Universal, via Grazer), and will be the first NC-17-rated film to be released by a major studio since Showgirls.

Well, I think I know which party *I* would go to.

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