There's been much talk this year regarding the over-commercialization of Sundance - we can call it Giftgate. Now, a suspiciously-enthusiastic reader has sent in this tip regarding the synergistic alliance between The Monster That Robert Redford Built, and cell-phone provider Cingular:

The folks at Sundance and Cingular are doing something interesting this year—giving indie movie fanatics highlights of the festival this year right on their mobile phones. Interested bloggers can find out here how they can see film shorts, get info on wheeling and dealing—-and for the more shallow minded, hot celeb sightings and gossip—text messaged to them directly.

The Cingular homepage doesn't do a fantastic job of selling this service - the "Sundance Snapshot" JPGs are blown-out and fuzzy (see sample above), and the "Video Shorts" are of almost unwatchably low-quality. But maybe it's all more impressive on a Cingular device?

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