Producer/director John Singleton is at the center of a relatively huge deal tonight in Park City. Paramount Pictures and MTV Films - both Viacom subsidiaries - will pay $9 million for global distribution rights on Hustle and Flow, a film produced by Singleton and directed by Craig Brewer, about a Southern pimp looking to segue into the world of hip-hop. The deal also includes a reported $3.5 million each for two films to be produced by Singleton later, for a total of three pictures, at $16 million. Not only is it highly unusual for a filmmaker to score a multi-pic deal at the festival, but these are relatively high numbers for a Sundance acquisition, even for an established filmmaker such as Singleton. However, according to Viacom's Rob Friedman, "The way we look at it is as a three-picture deal, and for those numbers, it's a very, very good price."

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