hustle and flow sundance 2004As you probably know by now Hustle & Flow got picked up for $9M, plus $7M in future movie deals. However, some folks' inside chatter among the press circle and 'Dance regulars is that people here are really thrilled with world cinema and docs, but the highly-produced American dramas are a disappointment.

Hustle & Flow is a fine, entertaining rags to riches success story that is hard not to like.  The problem is it's not the type of film the hard-core Dancers want to see get a slot at Sundance. It's just too polished, mainly due to the high-profile teen actors Anthony Andersen and DJ Qualls who play supporting roles in the film. As a side note, they were the two best things in the film, so those who were turned off by their previous work should consider that.
Hustle & Flow had a reported $2.8M budget, and that is what turns off the old-school folks I think. I mean, can you really call a film with a $2.8M budget indie? It's certainly not a Hollywood

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