Tonight at Film Forum in NYC: 35mm restorations of two Pre-Code classics, Alfred E. Green's 1933 sex-drama Baby Face, starring Barbara Stanwyck, and Mervyn LeRoy's Two Seconds, with Edward G. Robinson.

Baby Face is the ultimate specimen of Pre-Code Hollywood. Stanwyck plays Lily, a tough broad who knows that a gal needs to do a little something extra to get ahead in the big city - and so she basically goes to bed with every man she meets until George Brent finally tames her, first with diamonds and then with love. The film's original cut was deemed unreleasably racy by Joseph Breen and his Production Code Administration, and the version most seen today betrays a ruthless edit for the censors. Tonight, the picture is screening with five extra minutes recently discovered by the Library of Congress.

Here's where I could drop some terrible line about how it's COLD outside, so you should go to Film Forum to see something HOTTTTT.

I won't. But still, check it out.

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