Greetings, film fans! Today's the day. In just about 4 minutes the nominations for the 2004 Academy Awards will be announced and I have to say, I am less excited than usual. Maybe it's the fact that, in the word of Tom Waits, the cup of coffee I just made just isn't "strong enough to defend itself" or maybe it's that there's not that much that might surprise.

Without further ado, here's our chat!

Mark Rabinowitz

iwrabbi [8:28:31 AM]: Good morning, good morning!
kmlongworth [8:28:36 AM]: Hello
kmlongworth [8:28:56 AM]: so, any last minute predics?
iwrabbi [8:29:25 AM]: Not really. I am surprisingly unexcited this year.
kmlongworth [8:29:30 AM]: im gonna go out on a limb and say my two favorite films of last year, Eternal Sunshine and Before Sunset, will go completely ignored
iwrabbi [8:29:53 AM]: Maybe the latter, but not the former, I think.
iwrabbi [8:30:04 AM]: What about that Christ pic?
kmlongworth [8:30:43 AM]: I don't think it's Jesus' year
kmlongworth [8:31:20 AM]: Joel Siegel is on ABC giving his Best Pic predics, and he's named six films. That's too many, right?
iwrabbi [8:31:36 AM]: 6 is indeed too many. Ouch, Joel!
kmlongworth [8:31:51 AM]: 6 for director, too
kmlongworth [8:31:58 AM]: he must be playing it safe
iwrabbi [8:32:24 AM]: That's lame for such a "veteran."
kmlongworth [8:32:49 AM]: He's also picking Uma for Kill Bill - not a chance
kmlongworth [8:33:16 AM]: Tarantino might as well be Kevin Smith as far as AMPAS is concerned nowadays
iwrabbi [8:33:57 AM]: There's usually a surprise in one or two, though.
kmlongworth [8:34:10 AM]: Yeah, that's what I live for
kmlongworth [8:34:16 AM]: God, that sounds pathetic
kmlongworth [8:34:28 AM]: The life of a nerd on Oscar nom day!
iwrabbi [8:34:53 AM]: Excuse me. Film nerd, thank you!
kmlongworth [8:35:30 AM]: When did Diane Sawyer get so sexy? Or am I just never upt his early?
iwrabbi [8:36:28 AM]: LOL! Not sure. I think I always thought she was. At least post-bad 80's hair.
kmlongworth [8:37:05 AM]: She's got that great, "i've always been 40, and I'll always BE 40" look about her.
kmlongworth [8:37:12 AM]: Personally, that's what I aspire to
iwrabbi [8:38:01 AM]: Not a bad goal, as far as that goes.
kmlongworth [8:38:03 AM]: uhoh - seconds away!
iwrabbi [8:38:30 AM]: Here we go! The fastet news event in entertainment....what a qualifier.
iwrabbi [8:39:04 AM]: Awwww! Johnny!
kmlongworth [8:39:04 AM]: Johnny Carson, RIP
kmlongworth [8:39:12 AM]: Here comes Adrien Brody
kmlongworth [8:39:24 AM]: I bet he's coked out of his mind to be up this early
kmlongworth [8:39:38 AM]: Okay sup. actress
iwrabbi [8:39:57 AM]: No surprises there.
kmlongworth [8:40:00 AM]: Nope.
kmlongworth [8:40:04 AM]: Ohh, Alan Alda
kmlongworth [8:40:17 AM]: Actress
kmlongworth [8:40:37 AM]: Well, ESSM got one
iwrabbi [8:40:40 AM]: Wow! Maria Full of Grace! She got a nom. That's great!
kmlongworth [8:40:48 AM]: Ha! Siegel predicted no Depp!
iwrabbi [8:40:58 AM]: Jamie, 2 nods.
iwrabbi [8:41:13 AM]: Nice, Mike Leigh.
kmlongworth [8:41:20 AM]: Yeah, that's a surprise
kmlongworth [8:41:27 AM]: Charlie Kaufman
kmlongworth [8:41:33 AM]: Another for Leigh on screenplay
iwrabbi [8:41:36 AM]: 3 indies for original screenplay.
kmlongworth [8:41:41 AM]: Oh wow! Before Sunset for screeplay!
iwrabbi [8:41:43 AM]: There you go!
kmlongworth [8:41:54 AM]: AND Mot. Diaries
iwrabbi [8:41:55 AM]: Excellent! indies a go-go!
kmlongworth [8:42:09 AM]: And the winner is .. the sea inside
iwrabbi [8:42:18 AM]: Prolly.
kmlongworth [8:42:20 AM]: because the academy wont go see any of the others
kmlongworth [8:42:26 AM]: Okay, Best picture
iwrabbi [8:42:49 AM]: NO surprises, though.
kmlongworth [8:42:56 AM]: Well, that was quick
iwrabbi [8:43:05 AM]: No huge ones, although Maria Full of Grace is great.
kmlongworth [8:43:26 AM]: No. 11 Noms for Aviator
kmlongworth [8:43:46 AM]: They won the Producers Guild, but I'm predicting Million $ Baby will win
iwrabbi [8:44:02 AM]: That's what I hear.
kmlongworth [8:44:16 AM]: Paul Giamatti didn't get nominated, huh?
iwrabbi [8:44:18 AM]: Wow! Pig Vomit got dissed!
iwrabbi [8:45:06 AM]: the AMPAS site hasn't posted the nods yet.
iwrabbi [8:45:39 AM]: I am very happy for Mike Leigh.
kmlongworth [8:45:43 AM]: Joel is explaining why most of the Pic nominees were "nominees to be determined" -
iwrabbi [8:45:54 AM]: He's a great guy and a fantastic director. Not a chance in hell of winning.
kmlongworth [8:46:10 AM]: they only let 3 people get a nomination, and all these Oscar Bait films are massaged by 4,5,6 hands before they're finished
iwrabbi [8:46:18 AM]: Do you think DIane will stretch again if I ask nicely?
kmlongworth [8:46:21 AM]: No, the nom is the win itself, there
kmlongworth [8:46:38 AM]: There I go again - I LOVE speaking in awards season cliche
iwrabbi [8:47:00 AM]: Me too! Did you catch my "nods" ref?
kmlongworth [8:47:09 AM]: I think you have to ask Mike Nichols
kmlongworth [8:47:25 AM]: Yep
kmlongworth [8:48:37 AM]: So, as we discussed regarding the Globes, there are a fair amount of "comebacks" this year
kmlongworth [8:48:49 AM]: Eastwood is more relevant than he's ever been
iwrabbi [8:48:52 AM]: I bet he likes it when she stretches, too. Is she usually on this?
kmlongworth [8:49:02 AM]: Rematch betwixt Bening and Swank for Best Actress
iwrabbi [8:49:10 AM]: Good point.
kmlongworth [8:49:22 AM]: As I say - I'm never up this early. Access Hollywood is like my morning show
kmlongworth [8:49:39 AM]: Virginia Madsen, T. Haden Church
kmlongworth [8:49:48 AM]: Virginia Madsen is on the phone with ABC
kmlongworth [8:49:59 AM]: You can hear the echo in her cavernous Studio City home
iwrabbi [8:50:02 AM]: I bet her hair doesn't look that good right now.
kmlongworth [8:50:38 AM]: What the hell has she been in?
kmlongworth [8:50:51 AM]: She says, "Never give up on your dream" Love it!
iwrabbi [8:50:53 AM]: It's not like this was a surprise. Let's get Alan Alda on the phone.
kmlongworth [8:50:59 AM]: Or Mike Leigh
iwrabbi [8:51:16 AM]: "You were one of those waitresses?"
kmlongworth [8:51:20 AM]: Or let's as Julie Delpy about her screenplay nom
iwrabbi [8:51:24 AM]: What the hell does that mean?
kmlongworth [8:51:35 AM]: Maybe she was one of THOSE waitresses
iwrabbi [8:51:38 AM]: LOL!
kmlongworth [8:51:43 AM]: No I don't know what that means either
kmlongworth [8:52:02 AM]: Paul Giamatti was hilarious on SNL this week
iwrabbi [8:52:21 AM]: I can't watch that show.
iwrabbi [8:52:25 AM]: Great line!
kmlongworth [8:52:45 AM]: Sideways makes me never want to drink wine ever again
kmlongworth [8:53:03 AM]: I'm moving on to the Champagne of Beers untiil mid-spring at the earliest
iwrabbi [8:53:08 AM]: Virginia Madsen on if she was already pondering  about what to wear: "I've been pondering since 1972!"
iwrabbi [8:53:40 AM]: Nothing could make me give up the grape. Of the wheat. Or the sour mash....
kmlongworth [8:53:57 AM]: Okay, so, any nominees that you're especially rooting for?
kmlongworth [8:54:28 AM]: I think I've already stated my biases
kmlongworth [8:54:42 AM]: Although it would be great to see Benning take one over Swankie
iwrabbi [8:54:59 AM]: I am struggling, trying to find the full list so we can talk about some of the other 14 categories. AMPAS doesn't have them up, yet!
iwrabbi [8:55:23 AM]: I always root for an actor named 'Swank." It's my policy.
kmlongworth [8:55:52 AM]: The Passion got nomed for Score and Cinematography
kmlongworth [8:55:59 AM]: according t Diane
iwrabbi [8:56:20 AM]: Ah. I am on E! E! Online doesn't even have the basic news story up!
kmlongworth [8:56:44 AM]: They will soon - they're usuallys uper quick with this kind of stuff
kmlongworth [8:56:57 AM]: GMA is over - I'm switching to TODAY
kmlongworth [8:57:10 AM]: You stay on ABC to hear what Regis has to say
iwrabbi [8:57:13 AM]: Well, Yahoo does. I can't believe the Academy still has thew placeholder announcement up.
iwrabbi [8:57:41 AM]: E! has the director of "The Incredibles" on the phone. How odd.
kmlongworth [8:57:49 AM]: Was he nominated?
iwrabbi [8:57:55 AM]: Not as director
kmlongworth [8:57:56 AM]: I think he got a screenplay nod
iwrabbi [8:58:10 AM]: They just broke the news to him that they got 4 noms and not 3.
iwrabbi [8:59:03 AM]: He just denied expecting the nomination. Can't a lock nominee just admit it, for crissakes?
kmlongworth [8:59:06 AM]: has the full list
iwrabbi [8:59:30 AM]: That's fuinny! doesn't but their dot com does.
kmlongworth [8:59:44 AM]: Dan Mirvish's "Open House" didn't get the Best Song nom he was lobbying for
kmlongworth [8:59:52 AM]: That's too bad, although not a huge surprise
iwrabbi [8:59:53 AM]: Crap.
iwrabbi [9:00:00 AM]: He's a great guy
kmlongworth [9:00:53 AM]: Super Size me got nominated for Documentary
kmlongworth [9:01:08 AM]: So, Michael Moore was pushing for a Best Pic nod
iwrabbi [9:01:19 AM]: NOt so much lately, though.
kmlongworth [9:01:19 AM]: and didn't even try for a Doc nomination
kmlongworth [9:01:27 AM]: big mistake
iwrabbi [9:02:03 AM]: I though he wasn't eligible for Doc for some reason.
kmlongworth [9:02:20 AM]: Only because he chose to lobby for Best Pic instead
kmlongworth [9:02:39 AM]: You have to choose - Foreign Language film is like that, too, I think
iwrabbi [9:02:48 AM]: No, that's not a rule. People can lobby for whatever.
iwrabbi [9:03:00 AM]: Foreign Language isn't like that, actually. You can get both.
kmlongworth [9:03:05 AM]: No, I think you have to to submit your film to the Documentary category
iwrabbi [9:03:17 AM]: Yes, but I think his aired onj TV somewhere.
kmlongworth [9:03:28 AM]: maybe
kmlongworth [9:05:02 AM]: The Phantom of the Opera got a few too many noms fo rmy taste
kmlongworth [9:05:26 AM]: The guy on the Today show just made a joke about being "disapointed that Harold and Kumar didn't get nominated for Best Picture"
kmlongworth [9:05:38 AM]: Me too!
iwrabbi [9:05:47 AM]: Now that's funny!
kmlongworth [9:06:18 AM]: That was more of an "indie" film than Sideways, as far as I'm concerned
iwrabbi [9:06:57 AM]: Ok, it's been 30 minutes and the Academy's nominations press kit, with all the stats isn't up, yet.
kmlongworth [9:07:15 AM]: Maybe they're having brunch first
iwrabbi [9:07:24 AM]: @ 6am?
kmlongworth [9:08:04 AM]: Don't they have a champagne brunch at the end of this thing?
iwrabbi [9:08:06 AM]: Actually, Eugene Hernandez, EIC of indieWIRE used to produce's webcast of the Oscar noms and they're all in a locked room.
iwrabbi [9:08:45 AM]: At least that ass-clown Adam Durits got a nomination....
iwrabbi [9:08:48 AM]:
kmlongworth [9:08:49 AM]: Maybe Access Hollywood has me confused
kmlongworth [9:09:10 AM]: Okay, here are my predictions on the winners:
kmlongworth [9:09:19 AM]: Actor - jaimie foxx
kmlongworth [9:09:38 AM]: Suporting Actor - Morgan Freeman
kmlongworth [9:09:57 AM]: Actress - Hillary Swank
kmlongworth [9:10:19 AM]: Supporting Actress - Virginia Madsen
kmlongworth [9:10:40 AM]: Director: Marty Scorsese
kmlongworth [9:11:04 AM]: Picture - Million $ Baby
kmlongworth [9:11:45 AM]: There's some room for speculation, though, on all of the categories but Best Actor
kmlongworth [9:11:59 AM]: I think it's safe to say Jaimie Foxx has it nailed down
iwrabbi [9:12:11 AM]: Ok, since I have, to my shame, not seen much kately, my predictions are based solely on buzz and personal bias!
iwrabbi [9:12:28 AM]: Actor: Foxx
iwrabbi [9:12:39 AM]: Supporting Actor: Freeman
kmlongworth [9:12:54 AM]: Sadly, I think most of the Acadamy *votes* on buzz and personal bias!
iwrabbi [9:13:12 AM]: Actress: Bening
kmlongworth [9:13:14 AM]: TODAY is talking to Thomas Haden Church
iwrabbi [9:13:26 AM]: Supporting Actress: Linney
kmlongworth [9:13:27 AM]: Fox Searchlight is really pimping these guys out
iwrabbi [9:13:38 AM]: Director: Scorsese
iwrabbi [9:14:00 AM]: Pic: The Aviator
iwrabbi [9:14:16 AM]: Adapted Screenplay: Sideways
iwrabbi [9:14:39 AM]: Orig Screenplay: Eternal Sunshine
kmlongworth [9:14:47 AM]: I know its rare for the Director and Picture winners to split, but I really think its both Marty's year, and that The Aviator is not exactly a classic film
kmlongworth [9:14:52 AM]: I'll agree with you on Sideways for adapted
kmlongworth [9:15:14 AM]: Original is a tough category, though
kmlongworth [9:15:21 AM]: And I think Eternal Sunshine is loved or hated
kmlongworth [9:15:36 AM]: It seems like people's parents hate it
iwrabbi [9:15:52 AM]: LOL
iwrabbi [9:16:11 AM]: Well, the Academy aren't exactly "people" or their parents. They're like aliens.
kmlongworth [9:16:45 AM]: I can't decide if tehy'll want to throw Charlie Kaufman a bone, or if they find him a bit exasperating
kmlongworth [9:17:01 AM]: There's no doubt in my mind that that was the best screenplay of the year, though
kmlongworth [9:17:28 AM]: I appreciate the screenplay nod for Before Sunset, but I htink that was a victory of directing (there are like ten shots in the whole film) and acting
iwrabbi [9:17:56 AM]: Well, for all the flack the Academy gets, they do vote the "right" way, from time to time. Many of them are artists. The age is getting younger, etc.
iwrabbi [9:18:24 AM]: I haven't seen it, yet. It's on my short list. I'll rent it. Or buy it, as I am sure I will love it.
iwrabbi [9:18:57 AM]: E! is hurning my brain.
kmlongworth [9:19:12 AM]: It'll do that
kmlongworth [9:19:44 AM]: Juenet's A Very Long Engagement got nommed for Art Direction and Cinematography
kmlongworth [9:19:57 AM]: That's a artisanal victory
iwrabbi [9:20:03 AM]: That's fantastic!
iwrabbi [9:20:16 AM]: That's another film I hear is great (some expert, eh?).
iwrabbi [9:20:25 AM]: I wonder if I've seen any nominated film.
iwrabbi [9:20:30 AM]: Should I admit it?
iwrabbi [9:20:31 AM]:
kmlongworth [9:20:38 AM]: I hate that guy's films, but then, I'l allergic to the precious
kmlongworth [9:20:46 AM]: You must have seen SOMETHING
kmlongworth [9:21:03 AM]: I'd like to see "ray" before the end of awards season
iwrabbi [9:21:03 AM]: You thought Delicatessen was precious?
kmlongworth [9:21:08 AM]: Yep
kmlongworth [9:21:20 AM]: The half of it I was able to get through
iwrabbi [9:21:24 AM]: I LOVED The City of Lost Children.
kmlongworth [9:21:55 AM]: Hey, Clint Eastwood's acting nomination is something of a surprise, don't you think?
kmlongworth [9:22:20 AM]: Not only is it super rare for an actor to get nominated for both acting and directing the same film, but
iwrabbi [9:22:21 AM]: Actually, yeah, now that you mention it!
kmlongworth [9:22:34 AM]: his performance has been sort of over looked this year
kmlongworth [9:23:23 AM]: Two consecutive nominations for Johnny Depp - and both for roles related to pirates!
iwrabbi [9:23:58 AM]: LOL!
iwrabbi [9:24:09 AM]: He'll get one for Wonka too, I bet.
kmlongworth [9:24:19 AM]: Unless there's a backlash
kmlongworth [9:24:28 AM]: or if it's as bad as Planet of the Apes
iwrabbi [9:25:18 AM]: From the trailer, it looks insane. Can't tell too much, but it's definitely closer to the book than the film.
iwrabbi [9:25:23 AM]: It's not a remake.
kmlongworth [9:27:26 AM]: So, anything to say to recap?
iwrabbi [9:28:39 AM]: Well, there seems really to be a rather small number of films nominated, overall, but that may just be my sleep-deprived brain.
iwrabbi [9:28:56 AM]: Upon looking over the list again, there really are a few surprises.
iwrabbi [9:31:10 AM]: Eastwood's acting nod, Catalina Sandino Moreno (although she's been getting lots of press), Pig Vomit being left out, Before Sunset, Mike Leigh.
kmlongworth [9:31:37 AM]: double nods for Foxx
kmlongworth [9:31:41 AM]: one for each X
iwrabbi [9:31:59 AM]: I was glad to see House of Flying Dagegrs get a cinematography nomination. It's astonishingly beautiful.
kmlongworth [9:32:43 AM]: Sophie Okonedo for Hotel Rwanda kind of came out of nowhere
iwrabbi [9:33:07 AM]: Should have gotten art direction and costumes, too.
iwrabbi [9:33:18 AM]: That's true about Okonedo.
kmlongworth [9:33:32 AM]: And I'm surprised Kate Winslet got nominated for the film where she gets drunk and dies her hair, and not the one where she dies
iwrabbi [9:34:10 AM]: Sort of like Shoreh Aghadashloo for House of Sand and Fog (re: Okonedo).
iwrabbi [9:34:20 AM]: Shohreh, sorry.
kmlongworth [9:34:55 AM]: And now she's a regular on 24
iwrabbi [9:35:16 AM]: Yup. I am 4 episodes behind on that
iwrabbi [9:35:23 AM]: But I digress.....
iwrabbi [9:35:45 AM]: Well, I think we've just about exhausted this one. Maybe I'll go out and see some movies, now.
kmlongworth [9:36:04 AM]: Yeah. I'll go back to sleep.
iwrabbi [9:36:27 AM]: Me too!
iwrabbi [9:37:58 AM]: Well, that's it folks. Hope you enjoyed are little occasionally snarky, borderline libelous chat! See you again soon!

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